Q: Who is Swedish Girl?

A: Swedish Girl is a fictional character. We thought it would be fun to see if American men would go for this blonde, happy-go-lucky, kind of over-sexual cliché of a Swedish woman. They did.

Q: So what are you trying to do here? Prove that all men are looking for sex, or that Swedish women are extremely rude?

A: Nah, we’re just trying to have fun. Think of it as a hobby. There is no hidden agenda or message to be found here, and we’re not trying to expose creepy men on dating sites (if we were, we wouldn’t cover their names and pictures). In fact, the vast majority of the guys we talked to were really, really respectful. We’re the biggest assholes here.

Q: Come on, a lot of these people seem to be real douches.

A: Most guys were not douches. As a matter of fact, among the most common nicknames of guys writing to us were variations of “NotADouche”, followed by a number. Of course, most of those people actually were douches. But again, most guys were really nice. Except for 1 – the dudes who to wanted to buy sex, 2 – the gentlemen who kept sending us pictures of genitalia and, 3 – the guy who said, “I wonder if you’d fit in my freezer.”


Q: Who are you, exactly?

A: Our real names are Nanna Johansson and Johannes Finnlaugsson. Nanna is a comic book artist here in Sweden, and Johannes is a standup comedian and a comedy writer for Swedish television. We’ve also worked together with a satirical radio show called Tankesmedjan.

Q: So you’re really Swedish?

A: We are.

Q: Is it really you in your pics, then?

A: Fifty percent of us. It’s Nanna wearing a lot of makeup and a cheap blonde wig we bought in a party store. We actually bought fake breasts too, to wear under the clothes, but the nipples were unrealistically large, like swollen grapes.

Q: So this Nanna person is not a platinum blonde in real life? *shakes head in disappointment*

A: No, she’s not.

Q: What about Johannes?

A: Well, his beard does get a bit strawberry blonde-ish in the summer. But not really, no.



Q: What did your dating profiles look like?

A: They were kind of minimalistic, like this:



Q: Why does Swedish Girl’s nickname change from conversation to conversation?

A: Because we got banned from most sites, eventually. So we had to start new accounts, with new names.

Q: Did anyone suspect this was fake?

A: Yeah, some did, but not as many as we’d assumed. We had to be EXTREMELY stupid before they asked us if we were for real. And, to our surprise, no one asked us about the wig. They were more like, “Are you a scammer or a prostitute?”

Q: Which American cities did you focus on?

A: We basically roamed from town to town every time an account got shut down. New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta and Chicago. Maybe one or two more (some profiles were extremely short-lived).

Q: I want to find true love. What dating site would you recommend?

A: Our favorite site was definitely Plenty of Fish. It’s free and user friendly. It’s also easy to report spams and fake profiles. Unfortunate for us, but good for everyone else… And we’re not getting paid to say that.



Q: I want to publish some of your conversations in my blog. Is that okay?

A: Publish away! And feel free to also include a link to the website.

Q: Who designed this beautiful site?

A: Marcus Ljunggren at Feedbackfilm.se.

Q: I want to contact you. How do I do that?

A: Use this contact form:

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Q: What if someone you talked to was truly hurt by this?

A: We certainly hope no one was hurt, that was never the point of this. Sometimes, if we noticed that a person got upset, we told him we were kidding. And if we suspected that a person was mentally instable, we ended the conversation. This wasn’t some sort of hardcore trolling. We hate making people sad. (Also, we had a very strict rule. We would only talk to men who contacted us first.)

Q: I am Swedish, and the nonsensical facts about my beloved country are NOT true!

A: Du har helt rätt, raring.

Q: I am Norwegian and I think that…

A: Shut up!

Q: This site is vulgar and NOT funny, and that makes me really angry!!!

A: Too bad you paid 100 dollars to come here. Oh wait, you didn’t.